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Videos - 2012

Saturday, 29th December 2012

Wedding Ceilidh at the Village Hall, Long Ashton, Somerset


  Dancing "The Holmfirth Square" to the tunes: " Chinese Breakdown" and "Silver and Gold"


Thursday, 27th December 2012

Wedding Ceilidh at Coombe Lodge, Blagon, Somerset


 Dancing "Thady You Gander" to the tune: "The Bridge of Athlone"


Saturday, 8th December 2012

Bristol Young Doctors Christmas Ceilidh at the Thistle Grand Hotel, Bristol


  Dancing "The Holmfirth Square" to the tunes: " All the Way to Galway" and "The Duke of Perth"


Saturday, 3rd November 2012

50th/80th Birthday Barn Dance at Winterbourne Community Centre, Winterbourne, Gloucestershire


  Dancing "Wring Out the Dishrag" to the tunes: "Grandfather's Polka" and "Grandmother's Polka"


Saturday, 20th October 2012

Corsham Baptist Church Ceilidh at the Community Centre, Corsham, Wiltshire


  Dancing "The Black Nag" to the tune of the same name


Saturday, 13th October 2012

Charity Barn Dance at Cleve Rugby Club, Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire


 Dancing "The Old Corral" to the tunes: "Up the Sides and Down the Middle" 

 and "The King of the Cannibal Islands" 


Friday, 12th October 2012

Joint 40th Birthday/Wedding Anniversary Ceilidh at Crossbow House, Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire


  Dancing "The Wrong Bias" to the tunes: "Jackson's Hornpipe", "The Red-Headed Boy" and "June Apple" 


Saturday, 29th September 2012

Family Barn Dance- St. Peter's Church Hall, Henleaze, Bristol


 Dancing "The Old Swan Gallop" to the tunes: "Pearl Wedding" and "The Morpeth Rant"


Friday, 21st September 2012

Family Hoedown - Sefton Park Junior School, Ashley Down, Bristol


Dancing "The Cheltenham Flyer" to the tunes: "Colne Royal" and "Manchester Gallop"


Dancing "the Virginia Reel" -  the tune is "Captain White"


Friday, 14th September 2012

20th Wedding Anniversary Ceilidh, Clifton Pavilion, Bristol Zoo


Dancing "Sal's Circles" to the tunes: "Haste to the Wedding"  and "Off She Goes"


Dancing "The Witches' Reel" to the tunes: "The Hogmanay Jig"  and "Captain White"


Dancing "Beverley's Dance" to the tunes: "Mrs Ryan's Polka"," Sweeney's Polka" 

and "Dennis Murphy's Polka"


 Dancing "Wring Out the Dishrag" to the tunes: "GrandMother's Polka" and "Grandfather's Polka"


 Dancing "The Circassian Circle" to the tunes: "The Shapron"  and "Soldier's Joy"


Saturday, 8th September 2012

Golden Wedding Ceilidh, Oldland Village Club, Oldland Common, Bristol


Dancing  "The Ballydesmond Polka"  to the tunes: "The Ballydesmond Polkas" (part) 

and "The Sultan's Polka"


Dancing  "Beverley's Dance"  to the tunes: "Sweeney's Polka" and "Dennis Murphy's Polka"


Saturday, 25th August 2012

Silver Wedding and Graduation Barn Dance, British Legion Club, Keynsham, Bristol


Dancing  "Five Facing Five"  to the tunes: "The Meeting of the Waters" and "Saint Timothy's March"


Dancing  "Beverley's Dance"  to the tunes: "Auvergne Polka #1" and "Auvergne Polka #2"


Saturday, 18th August 2012

30th Birthday Ceilidh, Church of the Ascension Hall, Oldfield Park, Bath


Dancing the "The Stoke Golding Country Dance"  to the tunes: "The Rocky Road to Dublin" 

and "Another Jig Will Do"


Saturday, 28th July 2012

Wedding Barn Dance, Armstrong Hall, Thornbury, South Gloucestestershie


Dancing the "Caerphilly March"  to the tunes: "Sarie Marais", "Ymdaith Rhosgadfan" 

and the "Work of the Weaver"


Saturday, 21st July 2012

Golden Wedding Anniversary Barn Dance, Church of the Good Shepherd, Westbury Park, Bristol


Guests dancing the "Goathland Square Eight"  to the tunes: "The Duke of Perth" and "All the Way to Galway"


Saturday, 9th June 2012

Wedding Ceilidh at the Southville Centre, Bristol


Caller Neville Higgins explains the "Cumberland Square Eight" dance (in his own Inimitable style!)


Dancing the "Ninepins Quadrille" :  The tunes are "the King of the Cannibal Islands", 

 "Up the Sides and Down the Middle" and "the Fiery Clockface".

Saturday, 26th May 2012

Joint 40th Birthday Barn Dance at Filton Community Centre, Filton, Bristol


Last time though a dance called  "The Waves of Tory" - the tune is "The Hogmanay Jig"


Saturday, 19th May 2012

Friends of Shoscombe School Barn Dance at Under Hayes Farm, White Ox Mead, Near Bath


Tunes: "The Centenary March" and "Ymdaith Gwyr Dyfnaint" (March of the Men of Devon) 


Saturday, 14th April 2012

60th Birthday Barn Dance at St. Teresa's Social Club, Filton Park, Bristol


Ttunes: "The Haughs of Cromdale" and "Danse de L'Ours" for "The Goathland Square Eight"


Saturday, 17th March 2012

St. Patrick's Night at the British Legion Club, Staple Hill, Bristol


The band playing a set of two 48-bar jigs: "The Blarney Pilgrim" and "Banish Misfortune"


Saturday, 28th January 2012

Burns Night at the Mackenzie Hall, Brockweir, Gloucestershire


The band playing the tune: "With a Hundred Pipers and All" for the dance: "The Bruntsfield Links"


The band playing a warm-up tune: The Barren Rocks of Aden",  prior to the start of the dancing.

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